For those yearning to be simply curious about the evolution of Fortnite's visual landscape, the Item Shop history serves as an invaluable resource.

Its dedicated websites and communities meticulously track every skin, glider, and pickaxe that has ever graced the shop's shelves. This comprehensive archive allows you to:

Revisit past favorites

Maybe you missed out on a desired skin. By exploring the shop's history, you can discover when it was previously available and potentially predict its return in the future.

Unearth hidden gems

The sheer volume of cosmetics released over time can be overwhelming. Browsing the history can help you discover unique and forgotten items that might perfectly match your style.

Track trends and collaborations

Witness the evolution of Fortnite's design philosophy and partnerships by observing the types of skins released over time. Did a specific collaboration catch your eye? Exploring history can reveal whether similar partnerships might occur again.

Best Item Shop in Fortnite History

Travis Scott

This popular musician's in-game skin wasn't the biggest moneymaker. But it sold out fast, thanks to its unique design and the hype surrounding his Fortnite concert.


This affordable yet beloved skin is a common sight. Hence, it makes it a top seller despite its lower price tag.

Soccer Skins

These early favorites were hugely popular upon release. Also, their association with skilled players keeps them relevant.

Skull Trooper

Once a rare treasure, this skin's return to the shop caused a frenzy, making it a top seller.

NFL Skins

These collaboration skins raked in a massive $50 million, likely due to their exclusivity and appeal to football fans.

How to check Cosmetic Skins and Items History

While Fortnite doesn't offer an official way to track your personal cosmetic history, some websites can help. Several online platforms allow you to link your Fortnite account, enabling you to:

Build a comprehensive record

Track every skin, emote, glider, and pickaxe you've ever acquired. Hence, you can create a complete collection history.

Monitor spending

Gain insights into your V-Bucks usage. It potentially identifies areas for adjustments.

Compare with others

Connect with the wider Fortnite community by comparing your collection with friends and fellow players. It will foster a sense of camaraderie.